Taylor Brockman ’99

Chair of the Foundation, Executive and Development Committees

Taylor Brockman likes to invent usable software products and win offshore sailboat races. His professional roles include Chief Technology Officer at Magic Number, Inc., a patent informatics firm in Durham, and Brain Power Software, a data exchange firm in Charleston, S.C. With the assistance of NCSSM physics instructors and campus service students, Taylor maintains Interactive Web Physics, an open-source physics animation software package. Each academic year, the Bowman-Brockman Endowment at NCSSM awards student teams direct funding for entrepreneurship and advanced research projects. Taylor started serving on the NCSSM Foundation Board in 2018 and actively gives back to NCSSM with time and resources.

Foundation Board of Directors

Maya K. Ajmera ’85

Audit Committee, Campaign Steering Committee Honorary Co-Chair

Steven Anderson ’94

Development Committee

Dianne C. Bailey

Secretary of the Foundation, Development Committee, Executive Committee

David Bennett

Governance Committee

Joanne Chen ’03

Finance Committee

Adrienne Clough

Finance Committee

Han Feung ’91

Finance Committee

Zack Fowler ’12

Development Committee

Louis Gordon ’83

Finance Committee

Kim Gragg ’88

Finance Committee

Akhil Jariwala ’10

Development Committee

Anastasia “Ana” Kornegay ’94

Development Committee

Gina Loften ’83

Vice-Chair of the Foundation, Executive Committee

Katherine Manuel

Treasurer of the Foundation, Executive and Finance Committees

Emily Martine ’88

Parent Association Chair, Ex Officio, Development Committee

Grant Means ’12

Finance Committee

Mary U. Musacchia

Governance Committee

Scott Ogle ’93

Development Committee, Campaign Steering Committee Co-Chair

Chris Paul ’01

Development Committee

Rohan Paul

Chair, Development Committee, Executive Committee

LeShawndra Price ’91

Development Committee

Karen Reid ’88

Chair, Audit Committee, Executive Committee

Mary Roederer ’94

Alumni Board President, Ex Officio, Development Committee

Michelle Solér

Development Committee

Charles “Rick” Stone, III

Chair Emeritus Non-voting, Governance Committee

Charlie Stone ’03

Chair, Governance Committee, Executive Committee

Jeff Tang ’05

Chair, Finance Committee, Executive Committee