Campus clinics in Durham and Morganton

The NCSSM clinics are open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Students visit the clinic if they are feeling unwell, need medication, or have other medical concerns. If a student requires medical assistance outside these hours, they can visit one of the community coordinator desks and speak to a community coordinator on duty.

Parents can reach the Durham NCSSM clinic by email at or by phone at (919) 416-2892 and the Morganton clinic by email at or by phone at (828) 347-9181. Families can check Blackbaud SIS to see if their student has visited the clinic. If a student is taken to urgent care or the emergency room, the family will receive a phone call from the community coordinator assisting their student. 

Health emergencies

While community coordinators do not have medical training, they are trained to assess medical situations and respond in a timely manner to ensure the best care for your student (and are CPR- and first aid-certified). If a student becomes quickly and/or severely ill when the clinics are not open, CCs will assess the situation and reach out to Healthlink (our on-call after-hours nursing service) and/or our nurse practitioner to receive medical advice. If necessary, the CCs will call emergency medical services for immediate aid. When directed by Healthlink/after hours medical personnel, a CC on duty will transport students to urgent care.

If a student has to travel to the emergency room, a parent or guardian must meet them there as soon as possible. Guardians can also send their designee if they are far from campus or traveling. If students need transportation to urgent care or the emergency room, guardians will be notified by phone and updated throughout the medical visit.

Flu and other vaccines

NCSSM works with a local pharmacy to offer flu and other vaccines such as COVID-19 for students at NCSSM several times in the fall.

Handling prescription, over-the-counter medicines

Prescription medications, especially narcotics and controlled medications, must be be turned in to the clinic upon arrival to campus, and the student will visit the clinic to receive the medication. Students may keep over-the-counter medications in their rooms. 

Dental, orthodontist, vision, and other routine medical appointments

Students should schedule dental, orthodontist, and vision appointments, as well as routine check-ups, etc., when they are home over breaks and extended weekends. We are not able to provide transportation for such appointments.

Medical and counseling transportation

All medical and psychological appointments must be scheduled through the Clinics or the Counseling Services team before NCSSM will provide transportation. Transportation to off-campus health care professionals is provided only if the appointment is within the Durham or Morganton city limits. 

Bringing sick students home

If your student is sick, including any illness with a fever, they will need to return home until cleared to return to school.


Ayesha Yousafzai

Director of Campus Health and Safety