Peer to Peer: Students Answer FAQs

A handful of NCSSM students share, in their own words, answers to some of the questions we frequently hear from high school students as they consider attending this school.

NCSSM Residential FAQs

Why NCSSM-Durham?

Cameron Betz, Residential Class of 2024, shares why she chose to go to NCSSM-Durham.

Why NCSSM-Morganton?

Ellis Waitz, Residential Class of 2024, shares why he chose to go to NCSSM-Morganton.

Residential: Mentorship/Research

Ava Muir, Residential Class of 2024, shares her experience with Mentorship, a.k.a Senior Research.

Residential: Fine Arts

Anagha Sharma, Residential Class of 2024, shares her experiences in Fine Arts at NCSSM.

Residential: What Do You Do For Fun?

Kunal Singh, Residential Class of 2024, explains what he does for fun as an NCSSM student.

Residential: Athletics

Interested in knowing more about NCSSM athletics? Check out this video to learn which sports are being offered at NCSSM. 


Online: Dual Enrollment vs. Supplemental

Apurba Paudel, Online Class of 2021, explains what it means to do dual enrollment compared to supplemental enrollment.

Online: Mentorship/Research

Sean Nguyen, Online Class of 2021, shares his summer research experience.

Online Weekends

Interested in learning more about Online Weekends? View this exciting video to hear the student experience. 

Contact Admissions

If you have questions regarding the admissions process, contact the Office of Admissions at