Durham Campus Safety

Campus safety officers

NCSSM Campus Safety keeps students and faculty safe and secure on our Durham campus. Uniformed Campus Safety Officers, as well as one sworn local law enforcement officer, are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever students are in residence.

Campus Safety Officers are AED- and CPR-certified. Each campus building is equipped with an access control system that restricts access to only those given access through an assigned electronic pass. Officers also provide security escorts for students after hours, when it is necessary for them to arrive on campus after check.

Emergency notices

The LiveSafe mobile phone app allows students to report when they are walking off campus and to request immediate assistance from Campus Safety in the event of an emergency. Text message alerts and a public address system let community members know of any on-campus emergencies or safety drills such as fire drills. Each classroom is also equipped with an intercom that directly calls the Security Control Center in case of emergency.

ID and access

The NCSSM student ID card not only verifies a student’s enrollment but is also used to check out materials from the library, including but not limited to books, periodicals, films, and equipment. The access pass is an electronic key fob that allow students to unlock authorized doors throughout campus, such as building entry doors and the entrance to their own residence hall, and to obtain meals in the dining hall. People without these credentials cannot gain access to these campus buildings and spaces.


Brian Wiggs

Director of Campus Safety (Durham)

(919) 416-2910

Durham Campus Safety