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Closed: Saturdays, Holidays, Academic Breaks
On days when students return from academic breaks, the Library is open 5pm-10pm, except holidays.


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Collaborative Services & Policies:

    Library Collaborative Services:
  • Books!
  • Full Class and Individual Instruction
  • Information Skills, Research Process, and
    Digital Literacy Instruction
  • Collaborative Teaching for Infusing
    Information Skills in Subject Areas
  • Research Assistance for Students and Faculty
  • Database and Journal Searching Instruction
  • Primary and Secondary Resources
  • Citations and Citation Management
  • Creating and Refining Research Questions
    while Critically Evaluating Sources
  • Instructional Technology and Software
    Assistance for Students and Faculty
  • Digital Archive Access
  • Inter-Library Loan (ILL): Books and Articles
  • Design of Online Courses and/or
    Instructional Resources
  • Collection Development (print and online)

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Research Instruction, Assistance:

Online, Connect, & Summer Programs – Research & Information Skills Course Design:
Scholar Development  |  Research Prep

Guides & Instruction: Scholarly Research, Academic Writing, Zotero Citation, etc.

If we don’t have it: Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

ACT, SAT, AP, etc.: Test Preparation Resources



Learning Commons:


About the Library Program:

The Grace Breslin and F. Borden Mace Library Learning Commons is an intellectual and informational hub of NCSSM in Durham – a vital program fostering collaboration in education. Our expert staff of Librarians collaborate with faculty to infuse research and information skills into curriculum across fields of study in alignment with learning standards; co-teach information, digital, and media literacy instructional sessions; and provide research assistance, writing help, and tech support. At least one Librarian is available during all open hours, including via pre-scheduled online conferencing.

Learning Commons design of our Library creates a warm environment for interaction, inspiration, and creativity with spaces designed specifically for individuals and groups. Group study and instructional spaces can be reserved by students and faculty.

Promotion of reading for enjoyment and information continues through our evolving book collection and activities. Residential, Online, NCSSM-Connect, and Summer programs students, faculty, and staff have access both on and off campus to the NCSSM Library’s vast array of online resources: eBooks, academic databases, and eJournals for research and information needs.

Senior Leadership positions of Library Liaison are offered to a select few seniors each year. Together with Library Campus Service students, Liaisons enjoy fun-filled activities, represent students’ interests, and serve to promote, sustain, and improve the Library program.



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Library Staff – Durham

Bea Shanks

Copy Shop Supervisor and Textbook Manager


Abigail Gruchacz

Evening Librarian

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