Research & Innovation


NCSSM students have a wealth of opportunities and options for research and innovation. The objective is to engage each student as a thinker, maker, doer in an experience that requires the application of knowledge and skills to address challenges in the world beyond the classroom. The possibilities to engage in research abound in any field of interest from STEM to humanities, and the range of opportunities beyond research continues to expand.

Areas of student development and potential outcomes:

Options to get involved include:

Become a mentor

Interested in getting involved as a mentor in NCSSM research and innovation programs?

Durham: Visit the NCSSM-Durham Prospective Mentors webpage or email Dr. Sarah Shoemaker (

Morganton: Email Christiane Burkins (


Christiane Burkins

Director of Mentorship and Research (Morganton)

Sarah Shoemaker

Director of Mentorship and Research (Durham)