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Online students and families, check this list of NCSSM Online contacts by area.

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Academic competitions, AP exams

Matt Boerner

Office Manager / AP Coordinator

Academic departments

Beth Bumgardner

Dean of Mathematics

Scott Laird

Instructor of Music and Chair of Fine Arts (Durham/Morganton)

Elizabeth Moose

Dean and Instructor of Humanities

Garrett Love

Interim Dean of Engineering and Computer Science

Amy Sheck

Dean of Science

Sarah Shoemaker

Director of Mentorship and Research (Durham)

Academic Programs leadership

Katie O’Connor

Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs

Angela Teachey

Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs

Academic schedules, requirements, enrollment

Jennifer Betz


Admissions, Open House events

Rob Andrews

Associate Director of Admissions

Mattie Gaddy-Parks

Director of Admissions

Library information and resources

Robin Boltz

Director of Library (Durham)

Extracurricular opportunities

Sue Anne Lewis

Service Learning Coordinator

Parent Assocation, summer socials for new families

Trish Aiello

Constituent Liaison

Haven Worley

Constituent Liaison (Morganton)