NC Teamship Showcase

Featuring NC’s Diverse & Emerging Young Talent.

[supported by District C, SparkNC, and NCSSM Extended Learning]

NC Teamship Showcase welcomes students who have participated in a Teamship Experience at schools or organizations hosting the Teamship program. This includes the many districts participating in the Spark Teamship Program.

No cost to participants. Participants receive a stipend (payment). The 2024 program includes an in-person component at NCSSM-Durham from July 21 to July 26.

Nomination/Application Process

Details and the nomination/application process for the 2024 program and application timeline can be found on District C’s NC Teamship Showcase website. Questions about the application process are managed by District C.

NCSSM-Durham Campus

The NC Teamship Showcase launches virtually. The second week is hosted on the NCSSM-Durham campus.

NCSSM-Durham hosts a variety of summer programs for students around the country as well as NCSSM students. NCSSM-Durham is on the west side of Durham, near Duke University. The Division of Extended Learning, which also oversees Summer Programs, is a sponsoring partner to the the NC Teamship Showcase. 

NC Teamship Showcase students will be overseen by NCSSM summer program counselors. Students will be housed (with a roommate) on campus in NCSSM’s residence halls and eat on campus. The daytime team meetings will take place at the business and entrepreneurship incubators space American Underground in downtown Durham.

Accepted students will receive more details about housing and meals, and families will complete paperwork required for students living on campus, which includes details on medical accommodations, learning accommodations, allergies, etc. Applicants or finalists with questions about the on-campus living can contact Chris Thomas ( with site-related questions.

About District C

District C is a North Carolina nonprofit preparing the next generation of diverse talent for modern work. Teamship, District C’s flagship program, coaches teams of students through the process of solving real problems for real businesses. NCSSM has partnered with District C since 2017.

About SparkNC

SparkNC is a transformative new initiative that will accelerate learner progress along pathways to careers in high-tech fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning, software development, computer systems engineering, and cybersecurity. Spark Teamship, supported by District C, is one key program.


Chris Thomas

STEM Instructor, Experiential Learning Lead