NCSSM’s Counseling Services department is dedicated to providing support and assistance for NCSSM students as they grow in all dimensions — emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially. Counselors support students in their adjustment to the NCSSM community, in their individual personal growth, in their academic endeavors, and in their transition to college. Individual counseling is the primary approach, along with group counseling sessions and programs that assist students as they encounter the changes that accompany adolescence and challenges unique to the NCSSM community. 

Counseling Services provides support and care for each student through personal and academic counseling, college and career planning, group information sessions, parent/guardian meetings, student-teacher meetings, and student support team meetings.

In addition, trained students (Peer Counseling Coordinators) assist in multiple ways, such as advertising services, assisting with college planning, publicizing opportunities, and developing wellness programming related to student needs.

College reps: Interested in visiting NCSSM?

We welcome your interest in talking with our students. Write to us and let us know the dates and times that you’re considering.

  • For NCSSM-Durham campus visits, contact Pam Oxendine (
  • For NCSSM-Morganton campus visits, contact Suzanne Gavenus (

Durham Counseling team

Lori Hackney Newnam

Dean of Counseling

Pam Oxendine

Program Assistant

Gina Burger

Wellness Counselor

Calvin Craig

Evening School Counselor (Durham)

Justine Davey ’08

School Counselor (Durham)

Scott Schwartz ’06

School Counselor (Durham)

Damon Toone

Wellness Counselor (Durham)

Carissa Trotta

Wellness Counselor and Academic Accessibility Specialist

Janice Webster

School Counselor (Durham)

Lamia Younes

School Counselor (Durham)

Morganton Counseling team

Suzanne Gavenus

Director of Counseling and Wellness (Morganton)

Wesley Davis

Wellness Counselor (Morganton)

Michele Ferry

School Counselor (Morganton)

Terri Ingle-Krause

School Counselor (Morganton)

Lacey O’Rourke

Wellness Counselor and Academic Accessibility Specialist (Morganton)

Whitt Daniel

Counseling Services Intern (Morganton)