College Credit Agreements

College credit for courses

NCSSM has articulation agreements with all 16 University of North Carolina System campuses. The agreements specify which courses (including both Residential and Online courses) taken at NCSSM are eligible for university credit without requiring an AP exam or other qualifying exam.

NCSSM Equivalency Finder

We are excited to release our updated articulation agreements with the UNC system that reflect the change from semesters to trimesters and the new course numbers. The NCSSM Articulation: Course Equivalency Matrix has a tab for each of the schools in the UNC system showing the equivalent course.  

Participating institutions

NCSSM has articulation agreements with the following colleges and universities. Explore which courses through the Equivalency Finder above:


If you have any questions about college credit for NCSSM courses, please contact:

Office of the Registrar