The Ryden Program in Innovation and Leadership in AI

About the Ryden Program

The Ryden AI Program works to ensure students understand how to merge humanity with artificial intelligence and know how to use artificial intelligence to solve complex, macro problems affecting society by:

  • Providing broad access to K-12 education in AI and its related fields to all students regardless of their personal resources or the resources of their community.
  • Making AI relevant to everyone through an interdisciplinary approach that consistently includes ethical considerations and the implications of AI for our society.
  • Using open-source tools and principles to create a community developing, using, and improving freely available resources for learning and teaching about AI.

The long-term vision of the program includes serving thousands of teachers and students by leveraging the incredible knowledge, programs, and resources at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics and partnering organizations to provide informal and formal educational opportunities everywhere.

The Ryden Program is excited to be the founding sponsor of AI for Teachers, a website dedicated to supporting the integration of Artificial Intelligence knowledge throughout K-12 learning.


Taylor Gibson

Dean of Data Science and Interdisciplinary Initiatives