Research & Innovation


Engage as a thinker, maker, doer in unique opportunities at NCSSM. Online students have the opportunity to develop research skills and participate in research opportunities, both during the academic year and over the summer.

Options to get involved include:


Specific courses that are offered to Online students include a component of research and/or innovation to provide an opportunity to gain experience. Learn more.

Summer Research & Innovation Program

The Summer Research & Innovation Program (SRIP) offers a variety of diverse opportunities. SRIP students stay on campus at NCSSM-Durham or NCSSM-Morganton for the duration of the program and work directly with NCSSM faculty. Learn more.

Mentorship Program

The Summer (M1) timeline for the Mentorship Program is open for Online student participation. M1 Mentorship students stay on campus at NCSSM-Durham or NCSSM-Morganton for 5-7 weeks of full-time work with a professional partner. Learn more.

Summer Ventures

Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics is a no-cost, state-funded program. Students will have the opportunity to engage in research with faculty and get hands-on experience at a university. Learn more.


Christiane Burkins

Director of Mentorship and Research (Morganton)

Sarah Shoemaker

Director of Mentorship and Research (Durham)