Janice Webster

School Counselor (Durham)


As a member of the counseling department, Janice Webster has been supporting students in a variety of different ways since coming to NCSSM in 2010. She has served on several committees ranging from Faculty Senate, 3CDC, the MLK Committee, Golden Cupola Awards, Mini-Term, and Admissions Review, as well as Strategic Planning Committees and subcommittees focused on student support. Having a love for travel, Janice has served as a Mini-Term sponsor to Italy as well as traveling to England, China, and throughout the United States for national and international college visits. She has served as coordinator of the Peer Counseling Coordinators Program (PCC) and created and oversees the Cultural Connections PCC position which works largely with student government, 3CDC, and the counseling department. She has advised the NIA Group, and initiated with one of her students the Legacy program at NCSSM. For fun and team-building, she co-led Air Band for the counselors and 2nd floor Royall residence hall in 2017. She has assisted and supervised activities and events at NCSSM locally and abroad, including Africa Fest, as well as attending a myriad of events with her students involved from the performing arts to sports and beyond.


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