Lamia Younes

School Counselor (Durham)


Lamia Younes joined NCSSM in 2004 as a School Counselor. Earning her bachelor’s degree in sociology and master’s degree in counseling from N.C. State University, she began her work as a counselor in 1997. Before coming to NCSSM, she worked as a school counselor at Enloe High School and South Granville High School. At NCSSM, Lamia has served on the Faculty Senate, the Strategic Planning team, and as a sponsor for several January Term projects, including co-sponsoring the Italy J-Term since 2008. She is also NCSSM’s PSAT Coordinator and the school’s liaison with the North Carolina Governor’s School. Before her career as a counselor Lamia worked as a Sudent Life Instructor (now called Community Coordinator), which gives her a deeper understanding of the full student experience here at NCSSM and helps her to better advise and guide the school’s students. She especially enjoys working with this age group and learns so much from them every year.