Kristin Connor

Instructor of Spanish


Joined NCSSM in August 2017

Kristin Connor joined NCSSM in August 2017. She has taught a wide range of Spanish language and humanities courses such as Introductory and Intermediate Spanish, Advanced Grammar and Composition, Translation Studies, and humanities courses on the nature of “the truth” and the role of comedy in society and culture. More recently, she has taught a Mini-Term course on Chicano History and Culture. In addition to her time at NCSSM, she has taught at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the University of Virginia, and the UVA sponsored Summer Enrichment Program for academically gifted K-12 students. Kristin holds a doctorate in Spanish from the University of Virginia along with a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Pedagogy. At the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies and Spanish, a master’s degree in Spanish, and a graduate certificate in translation. Her research interests are in Feminist Theory, Masculinity Studies, and the Afro-Latina experience in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking Americas.