Crystal Woods

Digital Media Specialist


Since coming to NCSSM in 2012, Crystal Woods — an Emmy Award winner who used to work for WRAL-TV and UNC-TV/PBS — has served as one of our Digital Media Specialists, producing NCSSM’s videoconferencing courses, serving as a support and extending the capacity of our instructors to effectively teach students seated in as many as eight classrooms around the state. At NCSSM, Crystal took the NCSSM Enrichment program, a collection of activities taught by NCSSM instructors to younger students, and developed S.I.D.E. (Student Instructors Developing Enrichments), a leadership program of residential and online students who design and deliver hands-on STEM curriculum, reaching thousands of elementary and middle school students in schools across the state every year. Additionally, Crystal’s leadership on Staff Senate has transformed this organization, effectively engaging participants and ensuring NCSSM staff and their unique needs are represented at meetings with Councils from the other constituent campuses.

BA, Media Communications, North Carolina Central University
MS, Education Technology, North Carolina Central University
Executive MBA, North Carolina Central University