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Study Room Reservations

Library Study Rooms # 24, 25, 26, 27  (and, under certain circumstances, the Coffee Bar room and Mezzanine classroom) may be reserved during open hours only upon request as follows.
Library Study Room Policies are evolving.

Visit the Library to contact a Librarian to reserve a Library Study Room.

Current reservations are shown in the calendar below with name format: Room# FirstName LastName.  If you see you, “yeah-yeah, you got it!” ♬
     – If calendar is not visible, sign-in to your  NCSSM Gmail and refresh this page.  Click an event in calendar to add it to your calendar or to view details.
     – Choose view options using Week, Month, Agenda tabs.  Room #s are color-coded: 24=Red; 25=Green; 26=Blue; 27=Yellow; Coffee=Brown; Mezz=Purple