Sarah Shoemaker

Director of Mentorship and Research (Durham)


Joined NCSSM in September 2012

As Director of the Mentorship and Research program for our Durham campus, Sarah Shoemaker teaches both mentorship and summer research internship students, and cultivates relationships with mentors at local universities and businesses and industry partners in the Triangle. She developed the Summer Research Internship Program, expanded the school-year Mentorship program, and developed curriculum to accomplish the learning goals of the programs. She serves as a strong support for our faculty and for our mentors from the community that work together to engage NCSSM students in real world opportunities that develop not only learning but also professional and personal skills that will last a lifetime. Sarah is best defined by her passion for facilitating the success of others and promoting opportunities for the growth and development of young researchers and learners. Her training as a scientist and teacher is ideal for implementing inquiry-based learning methods to create an environment that promotes both students’ understanding and their effective communication of research both in and outside the classroom. Prior to joining NCSSM in 2012, Sarah earned her master’s degree in zoology and her Ph.D. in neuroscience at Case Western Research University and continued studying axon regeneration as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

BS, Zoology, Miami University
MS, Zoology, Miami University
PhD, Neuroscience, Case Western Reserve University

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