Report Concerns or Misuse

If someone has suspicion or knowledge of fraud, waste, abuse or misuse of school resources; a violation of laws, regulations, or policy; ineffective operations; or any other concerns regarding activities that may be detrimental to NCSSM or its reputation, please contact Internal Audit.

If one believes NCSSM property or funds may have been damaged (beyond normal wear), stolen, lost or misused, they should notify Campus Resources or Internal Audit immediately. Depending on the circumstances involved, these concerns may also need to be reported to Human Resources, Legal Affairs and the NC Office of the State Auditor.

In accordance with NCGS 126-84, employees are encouraged to report evidence of the following activities by a state entity or employee: a violation of law; fraud; gross misuse or mismanagement of monies; or abuse of authority. Employees who, in good faith, report unethical activity are protected by the NC whistleblower act against any retaliation for making such a report.

At NCSSM, concerns or suspected unethical activity can be reported anonymously by using the Internal Audit Hotline. Confidential reports can also be made by emailing Inappropriate activity can also be reported anonymously via the NC State Auditors Hotline at 1-800-730-TIPS (8477) or via the State Auditor’s website.

NCSSM is required by statute to report all instances of known or suspected arson, attempted arson, theft, embezzlement, or misuse of funds or property to the State Bureau of Investigation. Such reporting will be handled by Campus Resources, in consultation with Legal Affairs and the Chancellor in accordance with Institutional Policy 3740.