Kevin King

Facilities Generalist


Joined NCSSM in September 2022

Kevin King is a Facilities Generalist for NCSSM-Morganton, and was involved with the development of that campus even when it was just dirt, grass, and a plan. As part of the construction team chosen to build the Morganton campus, Kevin became the go-to person between NCSSM team members and the various building trades. He has extensive knowledge in construction, and specific knowledge of the Morganton site. He joined NCSSM-Morganton as a full-time team member in March 2023. Prior to his full-time employment with NCSSM, he served as supervisor for the Morganton housekeeping team, and joined the facilities staff part-time in 2022. Kevin is always smiling and greets everyone by name. He is a great asset to the facilities team in that there is nothing he can’t do or fix, and he is a great asset to the NCSSM community in that he is as dependable as a person gets.

Capital Projects and Facilities Management

Chad Barrow

Director of Capital Projects and Morganton Facilities Management

Elizabeth Compton

Project Manager

Ethan Duncan

Facilities Support Tech

Angie Ross

Mailroom Manager

David Williams

Assistant Director of Morganton Facilities Management