Ayesha Yousafzai

Director of Campus Health and Safety


Joined NCSSM in July 2020

Ayesha Yousafzai joined NCSSM in July 2020 as a Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Life. She has over 10 years of work experience in Student Affairs (residence life, academic advising, student success and international services). Prior to joining NCSSM, she worked as a Special Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs at Virginia Tech. In May 2019, she earned her doctorate in higher education from Virginia Tech. Her research focuses on identity performance experiences of Muslim international women in the U.S. Ayesha is passionate about holistic development, learning, and growth opportunities (inside and outside the classroom) as well as creating, promoting, and developing environments (psychological and physical) that are accessible to all students. Additionally, she cares deeply about increasing access and retention for underrepresented students. Before her time at Virginia Tech, Ayesha spent seven years working at Duke University in their student affairs division. When she is not working she enjoys traveling, sewing and hiking.

MA, Student Affairs in Higher Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
PhD, Higher Education, Virginia Tech

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