Remote Teaching Tip for the Week of April 6, 2020

Executive Functioning Skills, image credit: Pathway 2 Success

You’re doing great. You’re finding ingenious ways to grade students fairly and kindly, not to mention make sure you students have what they need to get through this: technology, access, food, safety, health care, etc. I don’t know one single educator who isn’t giving everything they can to their students right now. That includes all of the grace they can find.


Teaching Tip: Simplify. Focus on the overall learning goals instead of daily work. Understand that this is a stressful time for students too. Remote learning requires high-level executive-function skills. Students must be able to manage their time well, motivate themselves, direct and regulate their own learning, and seek appropriate help when needed. But often they simply can’t do all of that on their own. Keep being reasonable with your expectations, and flexible with your deadlines. Maslow before Bloom. Experiment with providing activities or projects students can work on offline and away from a screen. Think about things your students can make or write away from the computer, then allow them to submit photos or video of their work for review and assessment.




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