Prior to the celebration on Watts Lawn, the NCSSM Online Class of 2024 gathered in the school’s gymnasium for the class portrait. (photo credit: Brian Faircloth)


NCSSM concludes busy ceremonial weekend with NCSSM Online recognition

NCSSM wrapped up a ceremony-filled weekend on Sunday, May 26 with a formal event on the Watts Lawn of NCSSM-Durham recognizing some 230 seniors from high schools throughout North Carolina who successfully completed the NCSSM Online program. Students in the two-year supplemental program remain in their local schools and home communities while taking NCSSM honors courses online. Upon graduation, those seniors receive diplomas from their local schools and a certificate from NCSSM.

In an acknowledgment of the program’s collaboration with North Carolina high schools, students dressed in the graduation robes of their local schools for the event. The eye-catching mix of both bright and more subdued colors created a compelling picture of NCSSM’s reach across the entire state. With a single glance, dozens upon dozens of schools and districts could be seen represented.

NCSSM Online’s Class of 2024 represented nearly 60 counties across North Carolina. (photo credit: Brian Faircloth)

Keya Mahajan, a senior from Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, delivered the student remarks. In her speech, she referenced her father’s immigrant struggle to learn English decades ago almost exclusively through conversations by phone with customer service agents he had called with invented product problems.

Keya Mahajan, a senior from Charlotte, encouraged her classmates to always seek knowledge. (photo credit: Brian Faircloth)

“The beautiful thing about learning is it has no end,” Keya said. “It is not bound by the walls of a classroom or the lectures of a teacher. It is not bound by the words of an article or a diploma or a degree. Learning is endless and can happen anywhere with anyone, even if it is a conversation with a customer service agent.

“Knowledge is the greatest gift that humankind has been given, and the kind of learning we have been fortunate enough to receive at NCSSM has been a privilege,” Keya continued. “Do not let it go to waste. Do not let your curiosity die away. . . I ask you to keep learning, keep asking, keep solving, keep fixing, keep knowing, keep seeking. And if you don’t know, keep trying to because progress does not lie in what we do know but rather what we don’t.” 

Before recessing, NCSSM’s chancellor wished the NCSSM Class of 2024 well. (photo credit: Brian Faircloth)

After the awarding of certificates, NCSSM’s chancellor, Dr. Todd Roberts, congratulated the students a final time and offered a few last words of encouragement.

“As you turn the page to the next chapter in your education, know that while it may not be as linear as the path you’ve traveled thus far, you are so well prepared and ready for what you will make of it,” Roberts said. “I hope that each of you will explore not only with an eye for what is ahead, but with curiosity for the many possibilities right before you. And most importantly, be sure to find great joy in the things you do. The journey ahead of you is yours to fulfill your own potential and purpose, so take your steps ahead with confidence.”

Watch a recording of the ceremony, or view more photos.