From the Chancellor: Strategic Planning Update

The Strategic Planning Team added a ninth strategy focusing on the potential expansion of NCSSM to a western campus, offering an opportunity to expand STEM opportunities to more North Carolina students.

We recently reconvened NCSSM’s Strategic Planning Team to review progress and make updates to our Strategic Plan. Our planning team consists of faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, and state-wide education leaders. They did a fantastic job of reviewing our current plan and making suggestions for revisions based on the critical issues they identified that our school may face in the next few years.

You can take a look at a summary of the Strategic Plan revisions and updates made by the team when they met in October. They made minor revisions to our Beliefs and Parameters. Based on the critical issues they identified, we will be convening Action Planning Teams for four of the original eight strategies to develop plans to address these critical issues. The planning team also developed a ninth strategy related to the potential expansion of NCSSM’s program with a western campus.  

The Strategic Planning Site contains a variety of information that the Strategic Planning Team reviewed during their meeting in March. This site provides a roster of the planning team, an overview of the progress made on the objectives and strategies over the past three years, and background information that the team considered in identifying potential critical issues facing NCSSM in the coming years.

We are beginning to form Action Planning Teams for Strategies 2, 4, 6, and 7. We have identified Co-Action Team Leaders for each of these strategies. We encourage you to consider participating on one of the teams. We plan to convene the Action Planning Teams in December. You will be able to participate virtually, so it is not necessary for you to be able to come to campus to participate. These teams will complete their work in March, then the Strategic Planning Team will reconvene in April to review and approve each team’s action planning work. We invite alumni and parents who are interested in participating on a planning team to sign up here no later than Monday, December 11.

The action planning process will be different for Strategy 9, which focuses on a potential western campus. The planning process for this strategy will be in three phases, with the first phase leading up to the bond referendum on March 15. We will be forming an advisory committee in December to work on this first phase, focusing on soliciting feedback from interested constituents from across the state, high-level program planning, planning timeline development, site selection, and the bond campaign. Once the bond passes in March, this team will be expanded to work on specific program planning, which will then be followed by facilities planning.

We have been fortunate to have such strong involvement over the years in our strategic planning process from the NCSSM community. This commitment of time and vision helps to ensure that we can continue to meet our mission of serving talented students from across our state and partnering with teachers and schools to advance public education in North Carolina. 

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