HR Policies, Regulations, Forms and Guidelines

HR Institutional Policies

  • 3100 Employment Policy for Senior Academic and Administrative Officers Exempt from the State Personnel Act
  • 3110 NCSSM Approval Authority for Personal Appointments, Promotions, and Compensation Actions Involving Positions Exempt from the State Personnel Act (EPA)
  • 3200 Conflict of Interest Policy
  • 3300 Policy on Faculty Employment
  • 3300-R Administrative Regulations For Faculty Evaluation and Reappointment
  • 3310 EHRA Faculty Recruitment and Selection Procedures
  • 3320 Supplemental Pay Policy
  • 3340 Phased Retirement
  • 3400 Improper Relationships Between Students and Employees
  • 3410 Employment of Related Persons
  • 3411 Anti-Nepotism Certification
  • 3510 Endorsement of Candidates for Political Office
  • 3710 Bonus Leave
  • 3711 Military Leave
  • 3712 Community Service Leave
  • 8200 Student, Employee, and Applicants for Admission/Employment Accommodations

HR Policies, Regulations, & Procedures

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Employee Benefits

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Hours Worked and Overtime Compensation

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Performance Management

Where to Submit Forms

Teleworking Agreement Form

Submit this google form to receive approval to work at alternate work locations including your home, for all or part of the workweek schedule. 

Employment Form Inbox

Submit this google form to upload your signed completed employment forms for conflict of interest and notice of intent to engage in external activities for pay.

HR Inbox

This google form is for employees and departments to submit the following HR forms and paperwork:

HR Volunteer Submission Inbox

Submit this google form to upload completed Volunteer Agreements and Anti-Nepotism Certifications (if applicable).