Employee Benefits

Vacation: Varied based on EHRA or SHRA Classification. For SHRA and Faculty, earn from 14 days to 26 days per year based on years of state service (part-time employees pro-rated).  EHRA SAAO Group I, receive 26 days per year and EHRA SAAO Group II/Instructional (IRIT), receive 24 days per year. Leave is earned monthly.

Sick Leave: 12 days per year (part-time employees pro-rated)

Leave: Family Medical Leave (FMLA), Paid Parental Leave (PPL), Civil Leave, Extended Illness, Short/Long Term Disability, Family Illness Leave, Military Leave, Community Service Leave, Special Bonus Leave, Personal Observance Leave, Voluntary Shared Leave and Leave Without Pay.

Holidays: 12 days per year 

Retirement: Required participation for all employees working 3/4 time or more. Option (1) Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement System (TSERS) requires 6% of gross salary. Employees are vested for retirement after 5 years. Option (2) The Optional Retirement Program (ORP) requires 6% of gross salary. Employees in ORP are vested after 5 years of participating in ORP. As a participant in either retirement program, you are automatically covered for short-term disability (eligible after 1 year of service/no cost), long term disability (eligible after 5 year of service/no cost). Death benefit of minimum $25,000/maximum $50,000 based on previous 12 month salary (eligible after 1 year of service/no cost).

Phased Retirement: Per UNC Policy, the University of North Carolina Phased Retirement Program  is designed to provide an opportunity for eligible full-time faculty members to make an orderly transition to retirement through half-time or equivalent service. The goals of the Program are to promote renewal of the professoriate in order to ensure institutional vitality and to provide additional flexibility and support for individual faculty members who are nearing retirement. The Program is entirely voluntary and is available when agreed to and entered into by mutual written agreement between an eligible faculty member and their employing institution.

Supplemental Retirement Plans: Supplemental retirement plans provide an additional opportunity to help you reach your retirement goals.  Supplemental Plan offerings such as a 401(k), 403(b), or 457(b) on a Roth (after-tax) or pre-tax contributions from several different vendors.

Social Security: Social Security Tax 7.65%

Health Insurance: Employee only coverage under the State Health Plan (PPO) is provided to employee’s that work 30 or more hours a week. The cost is determined by the type of coverage elected by the employee. Dependent coverage is available for eligible dependents and/or children up to age 26.

Excess Liability: No cost personal liability coverage of $11 million aggregate per person/per occurrence.

NC Flex Plans: Pre-tax plans offered Health Care Flexible Spending, Dependent Day Care Flexible Spending, Dental Insurance, Vision Care Plan, Critical Illness, Cancer Insurance, Core Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance, and Accident. Coverage is available for all employees who are permanent that work 20 hours or more and their eligible dependents and/or children up to age 26.

Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance: (This is an after-tax plan and is portable.) The UNC System offers a voluntary group term life insurance plan with Securian.

Longevity: Payable to SHRA employees after 10 years of creditable state service (EHRA are not eligible).

Tuition Waiver: Three courses per academic year tuition free (at any of UNC 17 campuses that offer courses) for permanent full-time employees. 

Workers Compensation: All employees are covered – must report job related injury to Supervisor and Human Resources immediately.

Direct Deposit: Required participation

Pay Dates: Last work day of each month

State Employees Credit Union: Membership welcomed. Contact the SECU Credit Union for information.

Community Service: 24 hours leave credited each calendar year (pro-rated for part-time) unless you choose the Mentoring/ tutoring option – 1 hour each week up to a max of 36 hours that schools are in session as documented by the elected board of the local education agency or the governing authority of any non-public school.

Facilities: Library & Gymnasium – other athletic facilities available at no cost to employee. Cafeteria on site.

Other Options: TIAA, Prudential, Income Protection Benefits, NC National College Savings program 529, Prepaid Legal Plans, Savings Bonds, Long-Term Care.