Top 5 STEM YouTube Channels

Looking to spice up your class with some videos?

Here are the top five STEM-related educational YouTube channels:
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#1 – Vsauce

1b views • 10m subscribers
Top Video: What if everyone jumped at once? (21m views)
About: This channel is powered by the quirky internet personality Michael Stevens. Michael’s curiosity is infectious, as he explores diverse topics such as technology, philosophy, gaming and culture.


#2 – ASAPscience

600m views • 5m subscribers

Top Video: What color is this dress? (Solved with Science) (21m views)

About: Short, Simple and effective whiteboard animations that touch on the many different topics of science. If you’re looking for succinct videos (around 3 minutes each) this channel is a great resource.


#3 – Vsauce 2

500m views • 4m subscribers

Top Video: A living Rock? (17m views)
About: Vsauce 2 explores the unusual side of STEM fields. Mind Blow, one of it’s reoccurring segments, features the latest news in science, technology and amazing things. 


#4 – Sci Show

500m views • 4m subscribers 

Top Video: The truth about gingers (~6m views)

About: These fun and funny science videos are of high-end quality and are well written. They have a great stock of playlist categories ranging from science news to videos detailing specific topics in biology, chemistry, physics, etc. Highly recommended.


#5 – Crash Course

400m views • 4m subscribers

Top Video: – The Agricultural Revolution (6m views)

About: The prolific Green brothers’ channel on the many topics of World History, Biology, Literature, Ecology, Chemistry, Psychology, Anatomy, Physiology, Astronomy, Politics, Economics, etc. The dynamic hosts and great graphics make these 10-15 minute videos very engaging.

Interested in more? Here’s a link to the next five on our list. 

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