TED-Ed offers educational videos and lessons that spark love of learning

Teachers are always trying to instill that special spark in students, to inspire them to seek out lifelong learning. As educators, many of us have experienced a mind-altering class, when a teacher was able to reach us in a profound way. Now, imagine if that lass was captured so anyone in the world could experience that same mind-altering moment. This is what TED-Ed has set out to do.

TED-Ed is TED’s youth and education initiative. It produces some of the most professional animated educational videos available, many of which come from ideas submitted by public school teachers. These are exactly the sort of videos that spark curiosity in viewers.

TED-Ed also provides a powerful platform for creating your own lessons around TED-Ed videos or any other video hosted on YouTube, including your own videos. This platform allows a teacher to add multiple-choice or essay questions, discussion forums or even additional external links to any video on YouTube. These lessons can be shared. People are already sharing thousands of lessons.

Accounts at TED-Ed are free, and allow teachers to view progress of students in their classes. The best part about TED-Ed is it makes learning fun with inventive, creative content.

Introducing TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing

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