NCSSM provides resources for teaching Advanced Functions and Modeling

Advanced functions and modeling courses focus on math found in real world situations, and can include topics such as consumer issues, scientific investigations, public policy or recreation.

North Carolina mathematics teachers and instructors at NCSSM teamed up to create a collection of supplementary materials for the teaching of Advanced Functions and Modeling (AFM). AFM is a course taught in many North Carolina schools. It focuses on mathematics found in the real world and is often aimed at students who who may not normally continue in a math course after Algebra 2. Topics can cover a wide variety of topics such as recreation, consumer issues, public policy, and scientific investigations.

The lessons shared by NCSSM originate from a variety of sources. Those developed by NCSSM faculty members include a student handout and teacher notes, complete with solutions. Others are lessons from external sources such as the Shodor Foundation website or Hands On Activities from Georgetown University. Materials from websites other than NCSSM will not necessarily have the same format but may be very useful in teaching the AFM course.

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