NCSSM offers enrichment activities to enhance classrooms

In the “balance and motion” enrichment video, young students learn how symmetry affects balance.

NCSSM provides several “do-it-yourself” STEM Enrichment sessions elementary and middle school teachers can use to enhance instruction in core STEM concepts. Sessions include downloadable materials, hands-on activities, and videos. Each session can be completed in about 45 minutes.

The do-it-yourself sessions include topics such as balance and motion, memory and critical thinking skills, states of matter, magnetism, geometry and measuring volumes. Instruction is aligned with the competencies and objectives outlined nationally and by the state of North Carolina.

In one session, students make air-powered cars from paper, straws and candy pieces. In another, students create a small motor from a homemade electromagnet. There’s also a session in which students pretend to be Sherlock Holmes, as they learn about observation skills and practice taking and reading fingerprints.

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