NCSSM Launches the Learning Innovations Project

a webinar series for educators by educators

Have you ever found yourself standing before a room of zoned-out teenagers trying to explain the scientific method? Or have you inherited a course that seems devoid of personality or outdated? Have you ever sat down to grade papers only to discover that you and your students are not on the same page about the assignment expectations? You are not alone.

Even the best educators have faced challenges like these at some point. Being a good teacher isn’t just about delivering amazing lectures or being prepared for every possible outcome. It isn’t about leading pupils to achieve the highest test scores or having the most interesting classroom blog. So what does it mean to be a good teacher? This is the question that we will explore together in The Learning Innovations Project.

The TLC at NCSSM invites you to join us in celebrating instructional leadership, exploring new ideas and technologies, and cultivating a community of sharing in our school and beyond. Our mission is to improve student learning through the use of intuitive design, innovative technology, and inspired instruction. We are excited to announce The Learning Innovations Project, a webinar series devoted to supporting teaching and learning by recognizing and empowering teacher-leaders, encouraging classroom innovation and experimentation, and meeting students where they are. In this series classroom leaders from NCSSM and beyond will share insights around student-centered pedagogy, effectively incorporating technology in the classroom and much more!

Instructors from NCSSM and beyond are invited to host and participate in these one hour virtual meeting sessions in Zoom to share ideas, learn something new, and provide peer feedback. Participants will be provided with a link to join the session live through computers or mobile devices. Participants are strongly encouraged to join the session with a functioning microphone and webcam in order to fully engage in the experience.

Sessions for Spring 2019:

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