NCSSM instructor’s animation stresses the importance of vaccination and herd immunity

Speak to Amanda Martyn about the new epidemiology online course she helped develop, and she’ll almost certainly turn the topic to the importance of vaccination. It’s a topic she feels strongly about.

Martyn explains that vaccination is not only to protect yourself, but to protect those around you who may be at risk. She does this by explaining a concept called herd immunity, which states that if enough people are vaccinated, an entire population will be protected from a disease, even some with compromised immunity or who may not have been vaccinated.

Martyn represents this concept of herd immunity through an animation that she made with the help of NCSSM multimedia designer Tracy Telenko and video production expert Joyce Ventimiglia. Martyn says she wanted an animation that would “help students really visualize what happens in a population when only a few individuals choose not to vaccinate.”

Martyn goes on to explains that representing this concept visually is very valuable. “It really hits home when you visually see relationships between individuals and how just a select few choosing not to vaccinate can be detrimental to someone’s life.”

Herd Immunity and Immunization

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