iPevo Annotator software allows you to write on your screen

iPevo Annotator allows you to draw on any image.

Often teachers need to create tutorial videos, so their students can review difficult concepts whenever and wherever they like.

Whenever using software like Camtasia or Screencastify to record your screen, it’s often useful to annotate directly on the screen. However, finding quality screen annotation or whiteboard software can be difficult. Often, the software costs money or only ships with a specific whiteboard. Other times, the software’s toolset is too limited, or it is difficult to use.

In my search for the best free whiteboard software, I came across iPevo’s Annotator Software, and I highly recommend it.

iPevo’s software was originally created for use with their whiteboards and document cameras, (iPevo makes our favorite inexpensive document camera) but the software is freely available to anyone, and works on Mac and Windows (they also make other software for Chrome OS, Android and iOS).

iPevo Annotator allows a teacher to pull up a whiteboard and write on it with a mouse or stylus. The teacher can create as many whiteboard screens as needed, and can easily save the whiteboards or even record video as they write on the whiteboard.  

Annotator also allows the teacher to annotate over anything that is showing on their computer screen. It’s an easy way to highlight content on a website or an open document. Pen width and color can easily be changed. Basic shapes can be easily drawn. The software even allows you to stamp images such as smiley faces or arrows onto the screen.

Perhaps the best feature of iPevo Annotator is its simplicity. It only has the features most people need. The software controls are unobtrusive and stay docked to the side of the screen. I believe most users will find the controls very intuitive.  iPevo Annotator a great solution for anyone looking for whiteboard software.

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