Help students create better infographics

Creating infographics is a great way for students to strengthen their information literacy, digital literacy, and even visual and media literacy. Students gather information and conduct research before they assemble that information in a visually appealing way. Unfortunately, students often do not fully understand what a quality infographic consists of, and they simply paste bulleted text on a slide with some clipart.

Infographics should go well beyond bullet points and clipart. The way a student visually represents information can further strengthen a persuasive argument or make a complex topic easier to understand. Students demonstrate mastery of content when they go beyond copying and pasting text on slides, and instead consider how to visually represent information.

In order to help teachers and their students better understand how to create a good infographic, we did the only thing that made sense: we created an infographic. NCSSM’s multimedia designer Jeff Mahorney created this infographic on infographics.

To see your raw HTML code in action you must save your work and refresh the page. If the page becomes unreadable, add ?safe_mode to the end of the URL and load the page again.

<div class=”apos-rich-text-item”><a data-flickr-embed=”true” href=”” title=”Infographic Tips”><img src=”” width=”683″ height=”2048″ alt=”Infographic Tips”></a><script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script></div>

If you would like to use student-created infographics in your classes, this website from Kathy Schrock has lots of useful information about how to create infographics, best practices, helpful tools, etc.

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