Creating Hybridized Learning Experiences with Video

Flipping the Classroom with Video

Creating Hybridized Learning Experiences with Video: A Webinar for Educators 

Hybrid learning blends face-to-face instruction with asynchronous online content delivery, allowing for individualization, flexibility, and increased student engagement. A typical flipped classroom inverts the cycle of content acquisition and application so that students gain necessary knowledge before class and instructors guide students to actively and interactively apply that knowledge during class. If you’re interested in using video to flip a few lessons, or if you want to experiment with converting a face-to-face course into a hybridized learning opportunity, this session will introduce you to some best practices and common hurdles for delivering flipped video instruction. 

Webinar Presenter: Joyce Ventimiglia When: January 27th, 1 pm EST

Watch the Recording Here

Learning Objectives: 

After participating in this session, learners will be able to  

About Joyce Ventimiglia:

Instructional Design Specialist at NCSSM Joined NCSSM in August 2001

Joyce Ventimiglia has been integrating digital tools and resources into teaching at NCSSM since 2001, including over 1,000 educational and promotional videos she created for the school’s YouTube Channel.  In 2015, Joyce received the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence for outstanding service to the NCSSM community. After graduating from NC State in 2020, she’s taken on the role of project manager and educational consulatent, specializing in using video & audio production and storytelling to create student-centered learning experiences. Joyce has lived and traveled all over the country, is a musician and a filmmaker. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing meditation, and spending time with her family. A life-long learner, Joyce believes that creating connected learning communities that are accessible to everyone will allow us to continue to produce the knowledge needed to take on the global challenges we’ll be facing over the next century.

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