UNC Tuition Grant for NCSSM Graduates proposed by N.C. General Assembly

In a nearly final step of North Carolina’s biennial budgeting process, representatives of the Senate, House and the Office of the Governor have convened in conference committee to negotiate a budget compromise incorporating priorities from all three entities.   NCSSM has lots to be grateful for in the budgets proposed by both chambers and the governor, all of which indicate a great appreciation for our educational mission and genuine support for our students. Highlights include:  

Regarding compensation, the UNC System and NCSSM are asking that all of our employees be treated equitably with other state employees. As background, UNC System employees, including NCSSM employees, have received no legislated pay increases during the last four years. Therefore, we ask that NCSSM faculty receive the same compensation increases as their K-12 peers, and that our other team members receive the same compensation increases as their state employee peers.  

“We are incredibly grateful for the budgetary support proposed by the NC Senate, the NC House and the Governor,” said Brock Winslow, Vice Chancellor for External Relations. “We are hopeful for a final budget agreement supportive of our current and future students, our entire professional team, and our urgent facilities needs.”  

“Moreover,” he added, “for those constituents asking how they can help, I would suggest they contact their legislators and the governor to thank them for their service and express overall gratitude and excitement for their proposals supportive of NCSSM: to encourage NC House members to support compensation increases for all UNC System employees, including NCSSM employees, equitable with those proposed for other state employees; and to highlight their favorite proposals, such as the UNC Tuition Grant, funding for AP Testing, and repairs and renovations or new construction.”  

See this webpage to learn more about NCSSM’s budget and policy priorities and how to contact your legislators.  

For more information, contact Brock Winslow, Vice Chancellor for External Relations at or (919) 416-2864.