PrecisionLender highlights partnership with NCSSM

Carl Ryden speaking at the 2017 Affinity Mingle for Alumni Weekend at NCSSM.

PrecisionLender, a software company based in Cary, recently shared a feature on their website highlighting their partnership with NCSSM.

In the piece, Katharine Briggs, NCSSM Class of 1991 and executive vice president of client success at PrecisionLender, shared her favorite thing about NCSSM:

“As an only child, I loved being surrounded by other students – 24/7! It was also a great environment to be on the educational, college-prep journey with other kids who share a similar work ethic, who are intellectually curious and who have a diversity of culture.”

PrecisionLender was founded by NCSSM alumnus Carl Ryden ‘89, along with partners Ken Garcia and Mitchell Epstein, in 2010. The company has maintained a strong relationship with NCSSM since the company’s beginning, and many NCSSM graduates now work at PrecisionLender.

In a 2015 interview with the school, Ryden shared why he loves to hire NCSSM interns and alumni: 

“The proposition the school makes to kids is, ‘You’re probably top dog at your current high school. You want to leave that, your family, your friends?’ The ones who say ‘heck yeah!’ and do it with a smile, they’re a whole different kind of person. So we take all those we can get.”

Ryden, CEO of PrecisionLender, has also served as chair of the NCSSM Foundation’s Board of Directors and has co-taught NCSSM’s entrepreneurship course, in addition to donating countless hours of volunteer service, including to the school’s robotics program. In 2015, Ryden was instrumental in opening the school’s FabLab.

Read the full feature on PrecisionLender’s website.

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