After Hours: Crystal Woods

Crystal Woods earned a regional Emmy for Best Weekend Newscast: “WRAL News at 11: Hurricane Irene Aftermath.”

Position: Digital Media Specialist; STEM enrichments coordinator; Staff Council Chair   Years at NCSSM: 4   Home: Durham   What she does outside of work: Woods holds multiple positions at NCSSM, so her free time is limited, but she is a musician and composer. She’s been singing in choirs and composing since she was a kid. She attended Durham School of the Arts for high school and majored in music in college.   Woods has a CD of music, which she characterizes as “new age symphony,” that she wrote in college. “I sat on it for 10 years, then all of a sudden I decided to put it on a CD. I still need to master it, meaning I need to go into a studio and clean it up.” She plays keyboards and uses software for accompaniment. But don’t expect to be able to catch Woods performing anywhere other than her church any time soon. “I’m an extreme introvert, I loathe performing,” she says. That trait directed her towards music composition, electronic music, and technology, and away from performing.   Woods also enjoys drawing geometric, almost architectural, “doodles” for relaxation.   She also leads NCSSM’s Staff Council, and encourages more SHRA employees to attend those meetings. “We try to help anyone who shows up.”   What coworkers may not know: Before she came to NCSSM, Woods worked in news as a broadcast tech, doing “everything behind the scenes.” She’s proud to have won a regional Emmy award during her time with WRAL for coverage of Hurricane Irene.   Best part of her job: “I love the buttons!” Woods loves all things electronic, and she’s excited about the newly renovated distance education studios. She also loves the students, particularly working with her SIDE (Student Instructors Developing Enrichments) volunteers, student leaders who develop online lessons for young students. “Our kids are quite the characters. And I love the diversity here. You come to NCSSM and you have no choice but to get used to everyone, every kind of person.”   Favorite perk: “Taking free classes through the UNC system.” She took art classes last year and wants to take more.   One thing she’d change about working here: “I’d make one of these library meeting rooms my office. Sunshine really helps with creativity.”

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