Voice your support for NCSSM!

Lending your voice as a parent, an alumnus, an employee, a student, an appointed leader or friend in support of our school and in grateful acknowledgment of the support provided to us by our elected officials in the NC General Assembly and on the UNC Board of Governors helps advance our standing and mission statewide and beyond. Never underestimate the power of a kind word!

NCSSM is most directly impacted by funding and policy decisions of the UNC System Board of Governors and the N.C. General Assembly. Unlike other System institutions, however, NCSSM functions as a public high school, serving mostly minor children, and is not permitted to charge tuition or fees. The school is funded by a unique public-private partnership, with approximately 90 percent of funding appropriated by the NC General Assembly and 10 percent generated by fundraising from private sources, especially alumni, foundations, families and corporations. 

North Carolina General Assembly 

All residents of North Carolina are represented by elected officials in the NC House and NC Senate, who consider and approve budgets and policies that impact NCSSM. Each state resident has one representative in each of these legislative bodies, determined by the district in which their residence falls.

Not sure who your state legislators are? Find out here. Each deserves thanks for service to our state and stewardship of NCSSM.

University of North Carolina System

The University of North Carolina System is comprised of 16 constituent universities and NCSSM, the only constituent high schoool. The UNC Board of Governors, members of which are appointed by the NC General Assembly, has responsibility for the planning, development, and overall governance of the UNC System. The Board elects the president of the UNC System as well as most trustees of constitent institutions.

Learn more about the UNC Board of Governors, including which members are from your region of North Carolina. Each deserves thanks for service to our state and stewardship of NCSSM.

U.S. Congress

NCSSM is occasionally affected by policy and budget decisions made in the U.S. Congress. Click here to determine in which congressional district you reside or who your federal representatives are.

Note that though NCSSM apportions admissions by congressional district of residence to ensure a geographically diverse student body, this is state-level policy set by the NC General Assembly.

Local school boards, city councils and county commissions

Every child educated at NCSSM was first prepared by their local community and schools. NCSSM gratefully acknowledges this support for our shared students and actively seeks partnerships with local schools to build seamless educational services for the next generation of young scholars. Our students benefit most when we work together as a team!

Contact Jamie Lathan, Vice Chancellor for Extended Learning, to learn more about how NCSSM partners with local schools in support of all NC students and how you can be helpful.


Brock Winslow ’86

Vice Chancellor for External Relations & Chief of Staff