Transformative Giving Circles

The Transformative Giving Circles are NCSSM’s most prestigious donor recognition organizations. Every gift made to the NCSSM Foundation provides support across all of NCSSM’s programs and initiatives. Private donors play a vital role in shaping the school’s future, and these Circles provide the means to recognize its most generous supporters.

Individuals are invited into one of five circles–the Catalyst Circle, the Innovator Circle, the Visionary Circle, the Discovery Circle, or the Legacy Circle. The Circles draw their names from NCSSM’s core values, the pillars that allow us to live up to the promise of our mission, centered on a focus on students, a commitment to community, and a resolve to solve. Like these key components of our mission, Circle members have made a special commitment of leadership, engagement, and personal resources to ensure that North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics continues to offer the greatest opportunity to young North Carolinians.

Becoming a member

Individuals become members based on their outright giving to any program or fund, either a single gift within a fiscal year or over time, as with the Discovery Circle. Giving is calculated based on gifts received during NCSSM’s fiscal year, ending June 30. Qualifying gifts include: cash, securities, and certain real estate.

Visionary Circle

$100,000 or more in an outright gift given within a single fiscal year. Donors who make a gift at this level are true visionaries, enabling NCSSM to grow through ambitious new initiatives and expand our reach across the state with rapidly growing distance education offerings, ensuring NCSSM’s place as a leader in the field of STEM education.

Innovator Circle 

$25,000 or more in an outright gift given within a single fiscal year. Donors who make a gift at this level allow us to promote a spirit of innovation through inventive new course offerings from robotics to computational chemistry and access to cutting-edge resources like the Peter J. Haughton Fabrication Lab.

Discovery Circle 

$10,000 annually, for 3 years. Donors who make a gift at this level show true commitment and leadership by pledging their long-term support of the school. With this multi-year investment, NCSSM is building a culture of philanthropy through a group of dedicated supporters of the school. 

Catalyst Circle 

$5,000 or more in an outright gift given within a single fiscal year. Donors who make a gift at this level serve as a catalyst to launch initiatives from national curriculum development to visiting artist workshops.

Legacy Circle 

Legacy Circle recognizes alumni and friends who support NCSSM with a will bequest. Through this demonstration of support and leadership, Legacy Circle members lay the groundwork for the future of our institution and assure that NCSSM continues to thrive for generations to come.

The life-changing gift of education

Science and Math truly changed my life. My family could never have afforded such a quality education.

—Tina Burleson ’89, pediatrician, Oberlin Road Pediatrics, Raleigh


Barbara Coury

Vice Chancellor for Development & NCSSM Foundation President