NCSSM-Morganton Senior Pledge

The Senior Pledge means three commitments:

1. Participate in the Alumni Network and stay connected with current and former students

2. Promote NCSSM and its opportunities to prospective students

3. Pledge to donate $5 each year for the next 5 years after graduation 

If you have any questions, contact Anna Grace Anderson ’24 ( or Sam Nosalek ’24 (

Why should I pledge?

  • Become a member of the ’24 Club!
  • Pay it forward for future generations of Science and Mathers.
  • Dunk Vice Chancellor Baxter in a dunk tank at Spring Fling in May!

As the first graduating class at NCSSM-Morganton, we have helped make history – but not without the help of NCSSM. We have lots to be grateful for and have reached so many milestones together. Join us in making the Senior Pledge to ensure that future classes are just as lucky as we have been and can continue to reach new milestones.

—Anna Grace Anderson ’24 and Sam Nosalek ’24