Greek Mythology: The Science of Monsters

Date(s) & Location(s):
June 23 - 28, 2024 in Durham, NC
July 7 - 12, 2024 in Durham, NC
July 14 - 19, 2024 in Durham, NC
Grades Eligible:
Rising  7th 8th 9th
Course Description:

Students will learn about famous Greek hero myths and their monster counterparts while researching the “science of monsters.” This course focuses on how Greek mythology reflects Greek culture and offers a rational explanation of natural and scientific phenomena. Students will learn about god structures, stories, and ideas expressed in these mythologies. Students will read, analyze, and respond to selected articles, stories, novel excerpts, plays, and epics that involve Greek monsters. By creatively designing their own monster that embodies a fundamental human fear, students will analyze the root fears that surround the creation of famous Greek monsters. Students will hone their academic and creative writing skills as well as produce creative projects. This course is reading and writing intensive and involves working with others.

Victoria Watson
About The Instructor:

My name is Victoria Watson and I am a high school English teacher in Durham, NC. This marks my 10th year in the ELA classroom and my third year as an accelerator instructor.