Honors Aerospace Engineering

  • PowerSchool Code: 30205X0
  • Grade Level: 10th, 11th, 12th graders
  • Semester: Fall Semester
  • Schedule: Monday — Friday
  • Time: 8:00am – 9:10am
  • Course Pathway(s): Engineering

Course Introduction

This course introduces students to the field of aerospace engineering, engineering design, and the core math and science concepts needed to solve problems related to aerospace and other engineering disciplines. The course is presented with historical context, and topics include spatial reasoning, properties of fluids, descriptions of 3-dimensional motion, the mechanics of flight, and basic aero and thermodynamic principles applied to the design and control of aircraft and spacecraft. Students have opportunities to experiment, calculate, compute, design, and build as they explore and solve problems associated with the mechanics of flight, and are encouraged to earn course credit through aerospace-themed projects of their own design.


Completion of Math III or Integrated Math III with a B or higher through your local high school or NCVPS.  Students should be able to relate the lengths of sides of a triangle to angles using trigonometry.


Materials will be provided on loan from NCSSM. The facilitator will need to receive the materials, distribute them to students, and collect them to return (or retain for future classes) at the end of the course.


Students must have computer access with a stable internet connection and appropriate permissions for web conferencing. Students in shared spaces should have individual audio devices (headphones with microphones).