Zara Mehta ’17 talks teamwork, leadership

Zara Mehta ’17 is a student athlete and Residence Life Assistant, and she’s getting involved in clubs like Asian Cultures Club on campus.

As a volleyball player at NCSSM, Zara Mehta ‘17 spends her days balancing sports, academics, and serving as a Residential Life Assistant. Her favorite part about playing volleyball is that it’s a team sport, and that everyone on the team has to pitch in for the team to be successful. She brings this idea into many different parts of her life, including helping out at an Asian Cultures Club meeting, or helping the juniors on Greynolds (aka Ground Reynolds residence hall) get situated at NCSSM. She says that, just like at other schools, balancing academics and athletics can be hard at NCSSM, but says she always puts academics first because that’s what she came here to do.

Hometown: Greenville, NC

Hall: Greynolds (aka ground-floor Reynolds)

Favorite Class: AP Statistics (Topics) with Mr. Rash!

Dream Job: Pediatric Surgeon

Favorite way to spend a Saturday: I enjoy taking a walk down 9th Street with my friends, or spending some time catching up on personal work or rest.

Secret Talent: I can say the alphabet backwards in less than 5 seconds!

– Interview and profile by Tamar McMahon ’18


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