Teams pitch their way to Conrad finals

10 teams of NCSSM students joined 86 other teams from the US and around the world for the 2016 Conrad Innovation Summit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center in Florida.

At the Conrad Innovation Summit, science meets business, and marketing is the name of the game for the participating students. In the first trimester, NCSSM students formed teams to work on an idea for a product in one of four subject areas. After working on their prototype, they submit their idea electronically to be evaluated by a series of judges. Nineteen teams of NCSSM students submitted product portfolios for the first round. Twelve of those teams advanced to the next level, an invitation to the Innovation Summit at Kennedy Space Center this past week.

Once at the Summit, the top four to five teams in each category were invited to pitch their idea based on their portfolio scores. An additional three to five wildcard teams were invited to pitch their ideas as well. All of the final pitches were given in the Astronaut Encounter Auditorium and streamed globally.

Aerospace and Aviation Challenge: Three NCSSM teams selected in final four

An additional NCSSM team was invited to make a power pitch and won for this category:

Cyber Technology and Security Challenge – Final Four

Power Pitch winner in the category:

Health and Nutrition Challenge – Final Five

Power Pitch

Energy & Environment Challenge – Final Four

Power pitch:

More than 350 participants attended from across the US and 16 other countries. In addition to visiting the exhibits at Kennedy Space Center, the students met and heard presentations from three astronauts and several entrepreneurs. Science instructors Myra Halpin and Tim Anglin served as NCSSM’s Conrad coaches.

On the 11-hour bus ride home, students reported the things they had gained from being involved in the Conrad Innovation Summit:

— Myra Halpin, Science Instructor