NCSSM alumni from 1986 to 2007 are serving in, or seeking, public office.


Public service – a Unicorn’s natural habitat

NCSSM prepares its students for far more than careers as scientists and mathematicians. The school’s broad and intensive curriculum provides graduates with an academic foundation so sound that they are well-positioned to follow wherever their passions may lead them. 

For a number of NCSSM’s alumni, those passions have led them to seek a life of public service as elected officials where they might have the chance to shape our world through policy-making. It’s a noble undertaking, despite the current state of public discourse. Like most worthy endeavors, it’s also a tough line of work. Successes and failures play out before the public, with praise and criticism always in steady supply.

NCSSM is proud of the role it has played in helping educate graduates who seek to represent their greater community, particularly when it comes to the leadership qualities the school works hard to instill in its students. 

“The whole intellectual approach of the school encourages students to think for themselves,” says Kyle Hudson, Instructor of Humanities at NCSSM. “It’s a habit of mind that our students develop across the curriculum that we try to cultivate, including not just formulating your own views, but listening in a real way to the views of others and incorporating them into your thinking. That’s an important skill for democracy, and I can see how for some people that would certainly translate into an interest in leadership positions. Students here are very interested in what’s going on in the world.”

In recognition of those Unicorns aspiring to lead, the school has assembled this list of graduates known to be seeking election or reelection to public office: