Helen Li '18 poses with her artwork, included as part of an art installation organized by the North Carolina Museum of Art.


Art by Helen Li ‘18 featured in NCMA installation

NCSSM senior Helen Li’s artwork is featured in a new art installation organized by the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA). The installation, titled “Teens, Inspired,” features 44 original works of art by 27 teens from high schools across the Triangle.

A parking deck at North Hills received a colorful update as it transformed into an art gallery to host the installation. An opening reception hosted by the museum on Wednesday, October 18, officially opened the “North Hills gallery.” The works of art, inspired by pieces in the NCMA’s permanent collection, are part of an annual juried exhibition at the museum and will remain up indefinitely.

The selected works of art are printed on durable vinyl and enlarged, ensuring the details are visible while protecting the original work from the elements. The works were created by students in all levels of art and often center on the themes of identity and current events. Helen Li’s chosen artwork was created while enrolled in an “Open Studio” art course at NCSSM. Her work, comprising 5 pieces of digital media, is titled, “Impossibilities in an Impossible Universe.” Li’s art explores existence, being, and the world, she says.

“The earliest debates on metaphysics sought which element served as the basis for all things,” says Li, “and the pre-Socratic philosopher Anaximander theorized that ‘apeiron,’ roughly translated as ‘the undefined infinite,’ was the primordial chaos from which the universe originated, the cosmic breath that creates all. Apeiron, in my interpretation, is within each student, residing in every bright innovator and creator of the future.”