Kyle Hudson with fellow Humanities Instructor Hong Li in China.


After Hours: Kyle Hudson

Position: Instructor of Humanities, including American Studies and International Relations courses

Years at NCSSM: 13 years

Home: Originally from Albemarle, NC, and now lives in Durham.

What he does outside of work: “I read a lot, especially in history and political science,” says Hudson. Much of what he reads is connected to what he teaches. “But it doesn’t feel like work,” he explains. “It’s just what I really like to do.”

Hudson also enjoys studying languages and has been working on learning Chinese and Spanish. “Even though it’s really hard, there’s something about language that’s meditative for me. Even if you learn just a little bit, it’s useful in making human connections.”  

He also likes to cook. “I don’t cook anything fancy,” he insists. Some of his favorites are pasta and Tex-Mex dishes, but he enjoys trying new things. “Lots of cheese,” he adds.

What coworkers might not know: “A lot of people are surprised to learn that I’ve grown up in North Carolina. I went out of state for some of my schooling, but otherwise I don’t really know why someone might get that impression,” says Hudson. “I feel very much like a North Carolinian.”

Best part of his job: The students. “I think they’re really intelligent and interesting to work with. It’s challenging because I feel like I always have to keep learning to teach them. I like that working with them keeps me active and intellectually alive.”

Favorite perk of working at NCSSM: “I’ve had interesting opportunities to travel, both internationally on Mini-Term trips to China and Greece, and domestically for events like conferences. It’s led me to meet some really interesting people.”

Fun Fact: “Even though I’m a humanities teacher, I’m actually really interested in science” Hudson says. He enjoys reading news pertaining to science and discussing what he learns with his students. “Students are often able to explain things to me and fill in gaps in my knowledge. It’s really cool.”

– Interview and profile by Dory Li ’17