After Hours: David Bryan

David Bryan takes flight on two wheels. This past summer he “bikepacked” 1,300 miles of the Continental Divide trail.

Position:   Instructor of Engineering and Technology and manager of the Peter T. Haughton Fabrication and Innovation Lab   Years at NCSSM:  1.5   Home:  Originally, Baltimore, MD, now Durham   What he does outside of work: Much of the same sort of stuff that I do at work: Woodworking, metalworking, etc. I do this sort of work for friends and get contract jobs from former employers fairly regularly. I also ride bicycles of all sorts quite a bit, go to music shows, I like working on old houses (which is good since mine seems to always need something). I’m currently trying to ‘up’ my garden game and have started learning to play the piano.   What coworkers may not know:   I’ve gotten really into ‘bike-packing’ over the years. I enjoy being in the wilderness and carrying everything I need, but my knees won’t let me hike long distances, hence the bicycle. Six years ago I pedaled the Continental Divide route, which goes from Canada to Mexico on trails following the Rocky Mountains. This summer I set out to do the Divide again, but a variety of reasons had me stop short at the halfway point. It was still a nice little ride at 1,300 miles.   I’ve not quite outgrown a love of skateboarding. I built a small half pipe for skating and biking at my house a couple of years ago. It’s proven to be a fun way to stay young and in shape.   Best part of his job:   We are all so lucky here. For me the best part is getting to share what I love with such a capable group of people and having the resources readily available to make the learning experiences possible.   Favorite perk of working at NCSSM:   Being surrounded by such talented and motivated young people.   One thing about working here that he’d do differently: I’m hoping to get more involved with other departments and understand how the FabLab can support them.

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