A message from Chancellor Roberts

Chancellor Todd Roberts sent the following message to the NCSSM community on April 28, 2022:   Dear NCSSM Community:    In light of media coverage and after participating in many intentional conversations about student safety and wellbeing during the past few weeks, I wanted to share some further information and additional thoughts with the broader NCSSM community.   First, I want to reiterate that the absolute top priority of North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics is to create a safe, secure, and positive environment for our high school students. Our Campus Safety & Security team, Counseling Services team, Academic Programs, Center for Advising and Academic Success, Student Life team, Student Health & Wellness team, and all other members of our administration, faculty, and staff care deeply for our students’ safety and wellbeing and work diligently every day to foster an environment where students can thrive. This ethic of care is expressed every day by the tireless work and dedication of my professional colleagues, and never more so than during the emotional upheaval and stress experienced during the years of the pandemic and this past week. We are fortunate that our students overwhelmingly share this priority and help to foster a supportive community.   Second, let me say that sexual assault, sexual harassment, and discrimination have no place in the NCSSM experience and are not tolerated. School leadership handles reports of such violations with the utmost seriousness, and in compliance with the due process requirements set forth in federal regulations governing the implementation of Title IX protections.    I can confirm to you that NCSSM’s Title IX coordinator received allegations of misconduct that are being handled as required under federal and state regulations. The complaints do not allege misconduct on the part of any NCSSM employees.   In order to protect people’s confidentiality and the integrity of this process, and in compliance with both Title IX and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), NCSSM cannot elaborate on these allegations. However, anyone may read more about our Title IX process – or report an incident – on our website,   In addition, our community standards are available to all in our Code of Student Conduct, as is our disciplinary process in our Student Handbook, and we seek to enforce them fairly and evenhandedly with the focus not on rules for rules’ sake, but on keeping students safe.   Students, please know that we are all here to help and support you, and that you may reach out to your community coordinator, counselor, one of your teachers, or any adult on campus – including me.   Because we want everyone to have complete and accurate information about the services available at NCSSM, we will be reprising two webinars over the next few weeks, one to explain the Title IX process, and another to share information on how we support mental health, including all the ways students can access care. We will provide more details soon. You can also contact me directly if you would like to discuss these issues.   Finally, our community greatly respects students seeking to use their voices to create positive change in their community and in the world, which is, in fact, a realization of the values we teach at NCSSM. I encourage all of us to continue this conversation upholding the highest standards of integrity, fairness, accountability, and respect for others.   Sincerely, Todd